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First Dates: Post-Date Messaging

 Now that you’ve been through the trials and tribulations of your first date you can finally take a break and reflect on how it all went down. Hopefully, you followed our tips and found some great spots to take your Japanese date on a first date and

First Dates: Communicating Before The Date

It is a well-known fact that communication is what keeps relationships strong and healthy through the years. Communication is even more important in those crucial early phases of a relationship when you are still building trust and getting to know each other. You want to set the

First Dates: Reading the Signs

Japanese girls have many charming and attractive points, but clear and direct communication is not usually one of them. Japanese girls can be a puzzle to read, especially on a first date. It is unusual in Japanese culture to express strong dislike or dissatisfaction to people and

18 Japanese Desserts Loved By Japanese Girls

How to impress your Japanese girlfriend? Japanese girls are extremely pretty, and they are very conservative too. They respect their culture and family and don’t get committed easily. They take time to evaluate whether the guy she is dating is really worth the commitment. If you are