10 Ways to Attract Girls – Japanese Style

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All over the world, we find that guys are attracted to girls for one reason or the other. It can be beauty, intelligence, personality, character, and sense of humor, eyes, hair, smile and various other things. God made two opposite genders to get attracted to each other. But attracting a girl who has conquered your heart is not as easy as you think.

Many guys have failed to end up with the women they like. One reason for this is the unwillingness to take a chance for the fear of being rejected, and another reason for this is that don’t know exactly what a girl wants or what a girl is looking for in the guy she would like to date. Many men have been heard complaining ‘oh, women never notice me’ and they envy guys who get all the attraction from girls. Well, no point in getting frustrated. If you really want to make the move, you should change yourself. Given below are some simple methods by which you can attract girls.

Tips on how to attract girls

  • Don’t try to attract girls by chasing them. It won’t work.
  • Build your confidence
  • Learn to communicate with girls. The first few minutes of conversation are very important, as girls judge the guy by the way he talks and presents himself.
  • Try to know about the topics she is interested and talk to her about such topics, so that she does not feel bored. Try to make an impact on her with your knowledge on vast topics.
  • Take care of your appearance. Groom yourself. And most importantly, make sure that you smell good
  • Make her laugh. Humor always attracts girls attention
  • Have a cool attitude and try to make eye contact
  • Respect yourself
  • Stop giving unnecessary compliments
  • Try to stand out from the crowd. Be unique. If you are talented, you will be noticed fast

What do Japanese guys do to attract girls?     

In Japan the girls are very shy and conservative and Japanese guys try to attract the girls in the following ways.

  • With their sense of humor
  • With their intelligence
  • By being very romantic
  • By being very kind and helpful in times of need
  • By looking stylish or ‘oshare’ as they say in Japanese. Japanese guys give importance to their attire
  • By being clean-shaven and wearing nice smelling after shaves
  • By showing of their manliness by eating platefuls of spicy food
  • By increasing their tough-talking when with their friends, to attract the girl’s attention
  • By trying to attract girls with their money

You don’t need to have amazing powers to attract a girl. Being self confident and believing in yourself and following the methods mentioned above will really help you attract the girl you want, so that when you approach her and invite her for a date, she will say ‘yes’ without any hesitation. Well, try it! It will surely work!!!

If you are still interested in more tips, read this to find out how to attract women (written by a women!!).


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