3 Ways to Approach Girls – Japanese Style

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Dating is defined as “two people in an intimate relationship”. It can be casual or long lasting and a healthy relationship can also lead to tying the knot. There are many types of relationships, such as being good friends, being in love with each other, friends with benefits relationship, or a hook up for a one night stand. Whatever it might be, if a man is interested in dating a woman, the first thing he has to do is off-course approach the women. Now according to some men, that is not very easy. However bold you are, they say that the moment they reach in front of the girl, they become shy or shutter like never before. The reason for this is the fear of being rejected.

Does this mean there is no hope if you are one of these sky guys? Well, not necessarily.

Let’s talk about how to approach Japanese girls

There are many reasons why men like to date Japanese women. The first and foremost reason is their exquisite looks. Their childlike innocence, their glowing skin and deep soulful eyes attract a lot of men. They are very feminine, intelligent, and have a good fashion sense. They don’t fall into a relationship easily, but once they are committed, they are very loyal.

  • When approaching a Japanese woman, you should remember that normally Japanese women are very conservative and shy. If you are too bold, they might be embarrassed.
  • Since many girls shy away when a guy approaches them, it would be better to be friendly and ask for some help or direction, so that they feel more comfortable and at ease to start talking to you.
  • Another convenient way to approach a Japanese girl would be to first meet her on an online dating site, become friendly and then fix it up to meet her directly. This can prevent embarrassment on both sides.

In Japan, the act of meeting and seducing women is termed as Nampa or Nanpa. The Nampa boys will dress up in high fashion with extravagant hairstyles and wait in public areas like stations and malls to approach girls and ask them for a date.

When you take a Japanese girl on a date remember a few things

  • If you want to buy her a gift, buy sweets. They love it
  • Avoid flirty touches. It does not work with Japanese women
  • Ask questions to show you care and keep listening to whatever she says, because Japanese women like men listening to them.

When you want to approach a Japanese girl to ask her for a date, the few areas in Japan that are suitable are; Marunouchi, Ebisu, Daikanyama, Shimbashi and Shiodome stations, Shinagawa Ginza etc. These areas have malls, restaurants, cafes, shops and book and book stores, where you can find a lot of University students or sophisticated trendy women working in offices and businesses. The best time to approach a woman would be when she is sitting alone in a book store or a café. A casual, friendly approach will be the most suitable way to get a woman’s attraction first. Once you both relax, you can ask her for a date.

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3 Ways to Approach Girls – Japanese Style
Tips on how to approach (Japanese) girls and not getting your face slapped!

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