6 Most Loved Perfume by Japanese Girls

Perfume – The Most Romantic Gift!

Have you got a Japanese girlfriend and are you thinking of giving her a romantic gift? Then the best choice is a bottle of perfume. Though Japan has second biggest market for beauty and personal care, the consumption of perfumes is less [Source]. This might be because of Japanese women have a lot of respect for their culture, and applying perfume on their skin was considered against the faith of Japanese people, but girls now use perfumes on their clothes. Now that you are thinking of gifting her a perfume, any idea what brand to choose? Since there are a wide array of brands which will leave you in a dilemma as to what to choose, I advise you to read the 6 most loved perfumes by Japanese girls, which will give you an idea as to what to choose to attract girls – Japanese style.

Most loved perfumes by Japanese girls

Department stores in Japan cater to the needs of the Japanese women and sell some of the leading brands of perfumes. Most stores sell popular brands of perfumes along with detailed explanation about how the fragrance was made and how to apply and most of the girls prefer the fragrance of fresh florals. Some popular brands loved by Japanese girls are:

1.      Chanel N°5 

The Chanel N°5 is one of the best selling perfume and millions of women around the world prefer this perfume because of its fragrance, which smells like a composition of flowers, such as rose and lily. It is a Women’s perfume, a perfume that smells like a woman. The perfume created by French perfumer Ernest Beaux, is described as “the world’s most legendary fragrance”. This sophisticated and sexy perfume, has cast a smell on men and women alike. Chanel N°5 is the most recognized and the most fashionable brand preferred by those who know their fashion. It is a perfume brand that many girls dream of owning, and though it is expensive, if you can afford to buy your girlfriend a bottle, there is nothing that she will be happier about and you can express your love in Japanese style.

N5 Chanel

N5 Chanel – Gift for Her

Image Source

2.      Bvlgari

Bvlgari fragrance is an expression of luxury, a good quality strong smelling perfume, and the Bvlgari perfume for women is a combination of sophisticated floral fragrances, making you feel fresh and gorgeous always. Ever since it was introduced, this exotic perfume has been delighting men and women, making it a perfect wear for any occasion. There are over twenty five fragrances to choose from, and the best ingredients are combined to give the customers a long-lasting, enough to last for an entire day, and appealing fragrance, making a women looking fresh and gorgeous, giving her a confident and elegant feeling. This brand of perfume is no doubt quite expensive, but when you buy this perfume for your girlfriend, you will never regret it. The perfume is of very high quality, and apart from this, the packing is also enticing and exquisite and very attractive. The smell is very unique and inviting and it is perfect if you are planning an intimate night with your girlfriend.

BVLGARI - Perfume for Women

BVLGARI – Perfume for Women

Image Source

3.      Calvin Klein

This brand of fragrance can affect women of all ages. The Euphoria is a good choice of perfume to give your girlfriend because it has got a romantic and feminine fragrance, making the person wearing it, feel really special. The Euphoria which is a combination of fruits and flowers and mahogany wood, gives a sweet and fresh scent and has a fruity top tone which blends into a floral scent and fades away into a woodsy scent. The fragrance is very pleasing and fresh, and is a clean feminine fragrance. The Calvin Klein brand has a fragrance for every woman, and it is a mainstream floral perfume. This pretty, wearable and elegant perfume, with a soft and flowery fragrance, will be a perfect gift for your girlfriend and one of the Romantic Gesture Japanese Women want from a Guy.

Euphoria Perfume from Calvin Klein

Euphoria Perfume from Calvin Klein

Image Source

4.      Gucci

Gucci is a superb perfume for women, which is a blend of flowers or fruits or both, keeping the person wearing it, fresh and smelling lovely throughout the day and will make you love a Japanese Girl. This perfume is perfect gift as it is a classic perfume and the girl who wears it will surely make heads turn in her direction. The Gucci perfume has received many female compliments, as it has a very appealing fragrance. The luxurious blend of florals gives an inviting fragrance, and it is not surprising that it is named as the Best Sexy Fragrance. The Gucci perfume for women is a sophisticated perfume, speaking of class and born of a tradition of impeccable taste and dedication to quality.

Gucci Perfume for Japanese Women

Gucci Perfume for Japanese Women

Image Source

5.      Chloe

Chloe is another luxurious flowery fragrance perfume, possessing a blend of many flowers, and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine and romantic perfume will be an ideal gift for your girlfriend. It is the kind of fragrance that all kinds of women will love. Made of high quality ingredients and a good composition the fragrance is very rich and long lasting. The sweet smelling fragrance is a kind of fragrance that young girls will love to wear. It is one of the gift you can give to your beloved or to the friends with benefits.

Chloe Perfume for Japanese Girlfriend

Chloe Perfume for Japanese Girlfriend

Image Source

6.      Burberry

Burberry perfume for woman is sweet, sophisticated and has an inviting floral fragrance. It offers a charming blend of various flowers and has become one of the most popular fragrance lines over the last 14 years. The botanicals are mixed in a perfect composition to give a fragrance that is really classic. It is one of the most popular perfumes for women.

Burberry Perfume

Burberry Perfume for Her

Image Source

The Best Gift to Make Her Think of You Always

The pointers above must have given you an idea as to which brands of perfumes Japanese girls like. Perfume is the most romantic gift to give a girl.

So choose a perfume she will like, and when you meet your girlfriend next time, express your love by surprising her with a perfume gift, because perfumes are not only romantic, but a memorable and long-lasting gift, but the precious smell will keep reminding her of you always. What more do you want???

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