7 Best + 19 humorous Japanese Love Quotes

どんなに愛しているかを話すことができるのは、 すこしも愛してないからである

Japanese culture is full of proverbs and quotes. People live their lives and build their moral system based on such words of wisdom. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of this culture and especially the view that Japanese people have on love then you should get familiar with some Japanese love quotes. Most Japanese sayings are connected with hope and perseverance. The Japanese strongly believe that hard work brings great rewards especially when you have a goal as powerful and meaningful as love.

Collection of Love Quotes Books

1) “Love conquers all”


If you love this phrase, then you would love this song “愛は勝つ” by Kan.

[youtube id=”A651vKjCOOE” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=””]

2) “Old love does not rust”


3) “Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one”


are all famous Japanese love quotes. They show the strong belief in the triumph of love over time, space or any other obstacle. Basically love is portrayed as the supreme motive that drives us and pushes us into accomplishing our dreams. Although Japanese are not very accustomed to saying ‘I love you”, they acknowledge the great power of love. They choose to prove their feelings rather than expressing them and such Japanese love quotes bring them comfort.

A particularly funny Japanese saying is:

4) “A man in love mistakes a pimple for a dimple”


However funny this may sound it has a profound meaning. I suppose that the English equivalent of this proverb is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This means that our heart does not love beautiful people but we choose to see the beauty in the people that we love. While attraction may be fleeting, love is eternal and it is born from the union of two kind hearts and not that of two perfect bodies.

Another Japanese saying is:

5) “Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met”


It takes a broken heart in order to truly understand this saying. This shows how intense the Japanese people experience love. They believe that in order to love someone you must really see his or her value as a person. Knowing that person’s value will make you want to keep him in your life forever and not for selfish reasons but due to the fact that you no longer have a choice in the matter. You are connected to the person you love and trying to forget him or her would not be humanly possible.

Another one of the Japanese love quotes that shows the deep connection between two people in love is:

6) “Legend says that when you can’t sleep at night it is because you are awake in someone else’s dream”.

Last but not least the culmination of love in the Japanese culture is of course marriage. Once a man has won the heart of a woman he must continue to treat her with love and respect. But it is the wife that sustains the family bonds.

Perhaps the most famous of all marriage related Japanese love quotes is the one that says that

7) “All married woman are not wives”


This shows the important part that a wife plays in her husband’s life. She must care for him and drive him towards his dream because only with a wonderful woman by his side can a man truly shine.
In most cultures proverbs and quotes are a thing of the past and few remember and ever fewer use them. However in the Japanese culture it is very important to respect the words of wisdom of those more experienced than you. Japanese love quotes are not just to feed the more romantic souls. They inspire and motivate all kinds of people to fight for what is truly important in life.

Love Quotes with a bit of humor

Now there are obviously many more love quotes other than these 7 best Japanese quotes that we picked, so let’s have some fun to look at what guys actually think about these 19 love quotes in Japanese

1) どんなに愛しているかを話すことができるのは、 すこしも愛してないからである。

Being able to talk about how much you love someone, means you don’t love at all

Meaning = love is not something to talk about. It’s all about actions. Because we guys rather take actions (sex) than talk.

2) 愛の光なき人生は無意味である。

Life is meaning less without a light called “love”

Meaning = don’t live if you don’t love

3) 愛は最高の奉仕だ。みじんも、自分の満足を思ってはいけない。

Love is the best service, don’t even think about self satisfaction

Meaning = If you have to go down on someone, don’t expect in return

4) 愛することによって失うものは何もない。 しかし、愛することを怖がっていたら、何も得られない。

There is nothing to loss by loving someone, but if you are afraid of loving, you will not get anything.

Meaning = Juts love someone already

5) 真実の愛は幽霊のようなものだ。 誰もがそれについて話をするが、それを見た人はほとんどいない。

Real love is like a ghost, everyone talks about it but not many people have seen it

Meaning = Do you know the movie “Ghost” if not watch it.

6) 頼むから黙って、ただ愛させてくれ。

Please just be quiet and let me love you

Meaning = Date someone who doesn’t talk too much while making love

7) 愛情には一つの法則しかない。それは愛する人を幸福にすることだ。

There is only one law that governs love, which is to bring happiness to people who love.

Meaning = You don’t need a Harvard law degree to talk about love

8) 愛する人に本当のことを言われるよりも、 だまされているほうがまだ幸せなときがある。

At time, it’s better to be lied than learn truth from your love one.

Meaning = Sounds like someone got cheated…..

9) 片思いでもいいの。二人分愛するから。

It’s OK even if you don’t love me. I will love for both of us.

Meaning = Time to visit near by adult shop.

10) 一緒に泣いた時に、 はじめてお互いがどんなに愛し合っているのかが分かるものだ。

I realized for the first time how much we love each other when we cried together,

Meaning = I want to know what you guys do in bed

11) 愛情とはからだとからだをよせて、さむさをあたためあうことなのだ。

Love is about touching our body to warm each other in the cold

Meaning = now we are talking

12) 愛することとはほとんど信じることである。

Falling in love with someone is all about trusting that person

Meaning = You haven’t dated enough

13) 惚れるのは状態であり、愛するのは行為である。

Having a crush is a state, love is an action

Meaning = Crush is having sex with eyes, love is actually having sex

14) あまりしつこくつきまとわれる愛は、ときに面倒になる。 それでもありがたいとは思うがね。

At times a sticky love situation could be tiresome but even that I am grateful

Meaning = Just make sure he/she is not a stalker

15) 一生涯ひとりの異性を愛することは、 一本の蝋燭が生涯燃えることと同じである.

Being a monogamist to love an opposite sex for an entire life is like a candle that keeps burning for the entire life

Meaning = How about the same sex marriage?

16) 自分自身以上に愛するものがあるとき、人は本当に傷つくのだ。

When you love someone more than yourself, you will really get hurt

Meaning = enough said

17) 相手の話に耳を傾ける。 これが愛の第一義務だ。

Listen to the other person’s opinion; this is the first duty of love

Meaning= yea, maybe until third data

18) 愛とは相手に変わることを要求せず、 相手をありのままに受け入れることだ。

Love is all about taking someone in as is, not requesting someone to change

Meaning = yea, tell that to all the girls out there

19) 人を誘惑することのできないような者は、人を救うこともできない。

If you cannot tempt someone, you cannot help someone

Meaning = Go and ask someone out for a drink, NOW!

So there you have it. We guys may be simple, but we are passionate and love to LOVE!

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