Why Using Japanese Word For Love Is A Taboo?


If you are in a relationship with a Japanese girl and would like to use suitable Japanese words to express your feelings to her you need more research than a literal translation of “I Love You” in Japanese. In contrast to the West where the word love is synonymous with almost anything and everything that remotely excites and makes us happy the Japanese are extremely judicious in its use. This is why the Japanese word for love is used very sparingly and hardly ever comes up on a day to day basis – even in romantic relationships!  But this does not mean that Japanese people and more importantly Japanese women are not comfortable with expressions of love. It just comes down to the simple fact that the word love is defined in a completely different way in Japan in contrast to the western world. love

Aishiteru – Love is A Strong Word in the Japanese Culture

The Japanese word for love is Aishiteru which is pronounced as A-i-shi-te-ru. When said in a more respectful and formal way this word becomes Aishitemasu (A-ish-i-te-ma-su). So Aishiteru or Aishitemasu literally translates into “I Love You” in the English language. But let us now understand the significance of this Japanese word for love and the way it is perceived by Japanese women and men.  In traditional Japanese culture the use of the word love on a regular basis was considered as a taboo. This way of thought is still prevalent amongst most Japanese people as they believe that using the Japanese word for love as a form of expressing one’s feelings dilutes its meaning and purpose completely. So it is not uncommon to have a relationship with a Japanese woman and hardly ever hear her say “I love you”. But this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t share the same feelings of love that you do. It’s just that Japanese girls come from a culture where the word love is not used very vocally but rather expressed through one’s actions and behavioral responses.

Suki Dayo – A More Appropriate Way of Expressing Your Love

So what would be a suitable word or phrase that would be closes to “I Love You” but not as strong as the literal translation Aishiteru? Well if you want to express your love to a Japanese woman saying Suki Dayo which is pronounced as Su-ki-Da-yo would be completely appropriate. While the word Suki Dayo literally translates into “I Like You” in the English language it is actually used in Japan in the same way “I Love You” is used in the West!

So does this mean that Aishiteru, the Japanese word for love is a strict taboo and should never be used by you while expressing your love to your Japanese girlfriend? Well the answer is actually quite subjective. With the strong western influences in Japan, people perceptions are also changing and Japanese men and women are becoming more open about talking about love which was otherwise a subject that was hardly ever discussed and regarded as best kept to oneself. Still the Japanese word for love has a very deep emotional significance and should be used when and if you really love and are committed to a Japanese girl and that too once in a while! And that means that if you are dating a Japanese girl or would like to date one then saying Suki Dayo would be the best way to express your feelings!

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