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If you have been dating for a little while, it might come time to meet her friends. For Japanese girls, this can be a pretty big deal. It isn’t uncommon for her to wait for a little while to introduce you to her friends so that she can be sure that you guys are in a solid relationship before doing so. So, if you made it this far it sounds like your relationship must be going well.

You might think that this is some kind of test or a way to vet you with her friends, but really it is quite the opposite. More than anything, it is a big sign of approval. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down. Her friends’ opinions are still very important so you’ll want to do everything to be on your best behavior and really make a good impression.



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There are a number of strategies to make this first meeting with her friends go as smoothly as possible. They aren’t that hard to follow, but it is good to keep them in mind to make sure that this meeting ends in success and further cements the budding relationship between you guys. This is a big opportunity to score major points in her book, but also has the potential to go wrong so it is better if you study up and make the right choices before you head out for this encounter.

1 – Be Natural

The most important thing is to act natural. If you are tense or stressed out it will show. Just remember that your Japanese girlfriend chose you and she loves you for who you are and so her friends will want to see those charming points about you too. Be as natural as possible to let your charm show through and you are sure to win over her friends in no time flat.

2 – Don’t Be Too Casual

You want to be natural, but that doesn’t mean that you should be too casual with her friends, at least at first. This means that you don’t want to make any rude jokes, or mention any of the more intimate parts of your relationship with a Japanese girl. These kind of details about your relationship are very personal for Japanese girls and if you slip up you could offend her unintentionally and cause more damage than you might think.

3- Let Her Take the Lead

The best way to avoid any of these flubs is to let her do the talking. Just follow her lead, and stick to the kind of topics she and her friends like to talk about. Of course they will be interested in how you met and what your first date was like so thinking of a nice way to tell that story could really win over her friends and also remind your Japanese girlfriend of the romance that you planned in your first date.

4 – Be a Gentleman

Your skills as a gentleman can really come in handy here. She will appreciate if you remember your manners and treat her like a lady in front of her friends. This means opening doors, taking her coat and possibly holding her purse for her. Basically, make sure you prioritize her and keep her your focus of the night even though you are meeting her friends. If some of these good habits have slipped since your first date, try and put yourself back in that mentality. This has a double effect of scoring points with her and impressing her friends at the same time.

5 – Dress to Impress

look sharp

look sharp

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Also, just like your first date, make sure you dress appropriately. Taking some extra time on grooming and picking the right clothing so that you dress to impress will really win over your friends and also show your Japanese girlfriend what a handsome guy you are. This means that you probably want to put on a nice pair of shoes and something casual but classy on top.

6 – Don’t be Too Clingy

Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be too clingy with your Japanese girlfriend. Of course you will want to follow her lead and spend lots of time by her side but don’t be afraid to venture off for a little bit to get to know some of her friends a bit better. This shows that you really are interested in getting to know her friends. Don’t stray too far though, and whatever you do, don’t flirt with any of her friends. That will be sure to doom your chances of a successful encounter.

 7 – Stay away from PDAs

keep the kissing private

keep the kissing private

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You will want to spend lots of time by your girlfriend’s side, but don’t overdo it. Japanese girls can be a little bit shy about public displays of affection so don’t lavish her with kisses to show your love and affection for her. This could have the opposite effect of embarrassing her in front of her friends. Instead show her that you care by listening carefully, being a gentleman, and showing her how much you care.

8 – Support her Opinions

Another important thing to remember when you meet her friends is that no matter what happens you are there to support her. This means that you must always support her opinions. If you are fond of disagreeing at home, leave it at home. When you are out with her in front of her friends, you should always stick up for her, no matter how crazy you think she is. This isn’t always easy, but if you can manage it, you will win her over big time. Of course, it goes without saying that the worst thing you can do is end up in a fight during your big friend debut, so do whatever you can to bite your tongue and bring out your inner zen.

9 – Don’t Complain

Just like your first date you want to be on your best behavior in all ways. That means that you should not only be polite and courteous to your Japanese girlfriend and her friends, but also remember to treat the staff at the restaurant or bar you are at with respect as well. Don’t complain about the food or the service, just roll with it. If you can let your ego go for just one night you can actually sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to be in control for a little bit.

10 – Cell Phone on Silent

cell phone on silent

cell phone on silent

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A final word of caution, put your cell phone on silent and try not to spend the whole night checking it. If you check it too often she will feel like you have checked out. Focus on her and her friends and leave work or any other things behind for just a little bit. Even if it is true, you definitely don’t want to give anyone the impression that you are bored.

Keep in mind that this introduction to the friends isn’t necessarily a test for you, but really a good thing. She wants you to know her friends and for her friends to know more about you. She probably wants to stop talking about this mysterious person and show you off to her close circle of friends. Don’t be too intimidated, try to be flattered instead. You can also use this as a chance to really impress her and bring you two even closer together. Being respectful and treating her like a lady in front of her friends will make her feel cared for and cement your boyfriend status in her mind. If you need a few good ideas you can check out some of the most romantic gestures that Japanese girls love. If you’re having trouble gauging whether or not her friends like you or not take a look at some of these tips on communicating with Japanese girls. And if you really want to win over her friends you could impress them with your knowledge of Japanese and express your love Japanese style with some great love quotes.


If you remember these tips, you can actually spend some great quality time with your Japanese girlfriend and make a good impression on her friends at well. So get out some nice clothes, remember your manners, and bring on the charm, but not too thick, and you’re sure to make it through the night with flying colors.



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