12 Small Romantic Gestures for Your Japanese Women

Japanese girls are extremely beautiful. Their petite stature, ivory skin and black silky hair make them look very attractive, and it is not surprising that men fall for them and like to date them. But Japanese girls are not like girls of other countries. They give a lot of importance to their custom and culture, and at the same time if a woman realizes that a man is no longer strategic to her life she moves on without an explanation.

How to make a Japanese woman fall for you?

Wooing a Japanese woman is not as easy as you think. If you have failed in attracting a Japanese woman, it means that you have not understood what she really expects from you. Japanese girls are very choosy, so the first step is to understand her preferences, interests and likes before you move forward. So, what is it that draws Japanese women to guys? It’s simple! The best way to win over a Japanese woman is to first understand what romantic gestures that Japanese women want from a guy. Now, read on….

Some Romantic gestures Japanese Women like

  1. Drive, pay and drop – Make sure you always pick her up, pay for the meal and drive her back home, instead of asking her to take a bus or train. Japanese girls do not like to be left unattended. You should make sure that you drop her at her home safely. They are very cautious and liked to be cared. You don’t have to spend plenty of money to impress them; you only need to be very caring, and that’s what they expect from a guy. Most girls might be fed-up of eating Japanese food, so you can opt to take her for dinner to a French or Italian restaurant, because most of them like European food, and also remember that the restaurant should have an air of romance. So choose the right restaurant, especially if it is the first date, because if she is not pleased, she might not come out for dinner again. Either you can decide where you want to take her, or you can ask her preference. A bottle of champagne can really create a romantic mood.
    Champagne Bottle

    Romantic Gesture – Drive Pay, and Drop – Champagne Bottle

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  2. Learn her culture – Try to learn little bit of Japanese language and read a lot about Japanese culture. Demonstrate appreciation for a culture and create a balanced conversation. There are quite a lot of information’s about Japanese culture on the Internet. Remember, you are dealing with a woman who respects her root and culture.
    Japanese Culture

    Japanese Culture

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  3. Be a good listener – Pay attention to everything she does and says. Japanese girls love it when their guys listen to them and respond to what they say. Allow her comfort level to lead the conversation. Good conversation starts with good listening. Look into her eyes when she is talking and focus your eyes, ears and thoughts only on her, so that she will know that you are absorbing every single word she says.
    Romantic Gesture - Be a Good Listener

    Romantic Gesture – Be a Good Listener

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  4. Give importance – Japanese women like to be treated like she means something to you and not treated badly. So praise her beauty and tell her that you love her quite often.
    Romantic Gesture - I love you

    Romantic Gesture – I love you

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  5. Get Close – Hold her hand and walk close to her when you are out.
    Romantic Gesture - Get Close

    Romantic Gesture – Get Close

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  6. Surprises – Arrange surprises for her, like send her flowers, write a love letter, take her to some romantic place, cook dinner for her etc.
    Romantic Gesture - Love Letter

    Romantic Gesture – Love Letter

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  7. Hug her– Japanese women love being hugged from behind and told “I love you”.
    Romantic Gesture - Hug from Behind

    Romantic Gesture – Hug from Behind

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  8. Be polite – Japanese woman appreciates courtesy from her guy. So polite behavior and proper manners is very important.
    Romantic Gesture - Be Polite

    Romantic Gesture – Be Polite

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  9. Flowers – Give your Japanese woman a flower for ever ‘first’ occasions. Like first lime to have dinner together, the first time you hold hands, the first time you watch a movie together, the first time you kiss and so on. Naturally she will be happy and pleased with this thoughtful gesture of yours.
    Romantic Gesture - Give Flowers

    Romantic Gesture – Give Flowers

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  10. Be well groomed – Japanese women like clean shaven, neat and well groomed men. They can’t tolerate men who are not clean. So make show you shower, clean your hair and use a deodorant, before you go out to meet your girl.
    Well Groomed Man Gets the Girl

    Be Well Groomed

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  11. A walk with her pet dog – If your Japanese girlfriend has a pet, then you should show that you too love pets. You can take her for a walk along with her pet, if it is a dog. You can also talk about pets in general. If she loves animals, she will surely be impressed. You can also gift her an adorable plush toy when you meet her again.
    Care of Her Pets

    Care of Her Pets

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  12. Sing a song – Well, do you know to sing a song? A Japanese song??? Or at least you can learn. Japanese girls love romantic music and singing is one of the most effective ways to impress her. You can find many Japanese songs online. Pick out an easy one, practice well and sing it for her. If you want to win her love, you have to put in a lot of determination and patience to learn the song and sing it without any mistake. And if you know to play the guitar, you have a better chance of impressing her, because Japanese girls love guitar. So if you make the effort to play the guitar and sing a romantic Japanese song, you can be assured of winning her heart!!!
    Romantic Gesture - Play Guitar

    Romantic Gesture – Play Guitar

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Make the right move

Japanese women are very loyal and dependable companion, and prefer a long time relationship. So your Japanese woman might take some time in showing her interest in you, till you prove that you are worthy. Well, don’t worry about it! By following the 12 romantic gestures mentioned above, I am sure you should be in position to win over the love of the Japanese girl you are attracted to, and conquer her heart, so that she does not move on!!!

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