What’s So Special and Different About Expressing Love in Japanese?


Japanese are much more emotional than any western nation. This is a country built around efficiency, perfection and, astonishingly, emotion. While emotion does not seem to match well with other character traits of Japanese people the fact remain that Japanese are exceptionally emotional. And who doesn’t know that emotional ones are the best lovers?

If you know Japan then you know how strong the feel of love is among Japanese people. Love in Japanese is not like one time use paper cups as they are portrayed in Western media. Love is portrayed in Japanese culture and tradition as a divine feeling– bonded by god and torn only by death. If you know about love in Japanese tradition then you would not be surprised to see that a novel like ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ has been written centering a Japanese woman living in Japanese society.

The idea of love is quite different in Japan and it is observed in quite different manners. Expression of love is cherished socially and that is why events like ‘Love Your Wife Day’ is celebrated with so much anticipation and excitement in Japan. In this day Japanese men take the stage and shout out their feeling of love for their better halves. This event is broadcast nationwide and has been going on for the last five years. The significance of the event is even bigger when you know that usually Japanese society is not very open rather the opposite is true- it is very reserved. The fact that the Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently in Japan portrays the stylistic difference of expression of love in Japan.

Valentine’s Day is not one single event in Japan; rather it is one part of an extended event which includes another event called ‘White Day’. Valentine’s Day and White Day are two festivals which complement and fulfill one another. On Valentine’s Day Japanese women give gifts, especially chocolate, to men they love. However, this beautiful custom is not limited to romantic couples only, Japanese women gifts chocolates to friends and colleagues as well. The type of chocolate varies for different purposes. The White Day is an event which takes place on March 14, one month after the Valentine’s Day. On this day men return the favor to the women by presenting them gifts of various kinds though chocolate is the most common item.Thus these two ceremonies complete a circle and present a wonderful opportunity to express love to both men and women.

Every nation is different and they all have their own rituals and customs. But what makes Japan different in terms of expressing love is that how decent and beautiful the Japanese customs for expression of love are. Do not wonder if you see Japanese customs like White Day are being celebrated all over the world in near future.


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